HKS Racing Suction Intake System 2017+ Honda Civic Si
HKS Racing Suction Intake System 2017+ Honda Civic Si



HKS Racing Suction Intake System 2017+ Honda Civic Si

SKU : 70020-KH101


The most powerful intake system carefully designed to fit engine room of a vehicle. HKS Racing Suction pushes air intake system efficiency to the limits. "Hyper Stealth Frame" exceeds the performance of previous Super Stealth frame. Increasing air intake surface area by 27% improves air intake efficiency. The outer edge of the funnel is securely fixed to the aluminum back plate. Use of aluminum significantly improves rigidity and durability. Alumite process improves surface of the funnel and also provides a sleek black look.

Vehicle specific suction pipe design. Angle and length of pipe enhance the induction efficiency. It is effective for quick response for NA engines and higher performance for turbocharged engines. With stock suction system, induction air hit to corrugated portion of hose and makes swirl and resistance. The specially designed pipe reduces corrugated portion and gap inside pipe to make air flow smoother. Replacing all necessary parts between the HKS air cleaner assembly and the throttle (to the compressor housing on turbo cars) allows eliminating air intake restrictions and increasing air intake efficiency, providing a dramatic improvement in engine response and performance. Exclusively for some vehicles only, a direct type Super Power Flow air cleaner assembly is available. It provides a smooth air flow from the entrance point of the filter to the throttle valve.


  • Kit includes Super Power Flow and Aluminum Suction pipe for CIVIC
  • Improving an air intake efficiency, HKS changed from flexible rubber hose of the stock to aluminum pipe
  • Polished aluminum pipe improves engine room appearance
  • Improve air flow through all RPM range
  • Enjoy a distinctive induction sound