HKS HIPERMAX S Series Coilovers 2017+ Honda Civic Hatchback (Exc Type R)

SKU : 80300-AH009


HKS has just unveiled the company's all-new HIPERMAX S Coilover Series! HKS will integrate and renew the three existing MAX IV GT Series Coilovers into the HIPERMAX S Series. Nine years have passed since the launch of the MAX IV GT Series, and during that time, HKS has developed new technologies. The HIPERMAX S series will contain all three MAX IV GT conventional model's characteristics as well as evolved damping force characteristics, durability, and beauty. The HIPERMAX S Series offers the best ride in HKS suspension history.


  • Dual preload valve system
  • Wide range damping force adjustment mechanism
  • Evolution of bump stop rubber
  • Low friction technology
Comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty (previously one-year) due to optimized internal parts and quality improvement!