Eibach Sport-Plus Suspension Kit 2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T

SKU : E45-40-036-01-22


With the Eibach SPORT-PLUS installed you will immediately experience more-precise turn-in response, improved handling, and enhanced cornering grip –in any performance-driving situation. The Eibach SPORT-PLUS is designed and tested to work well with either factory or aftermarket performance dampers.

As we have learned from racing and independent testing, lowering your car or truck’s ride height also improves your aerodynamic efficiency by forcing more air over the car and less underneath (where most of the drag is found on any vehicle), resulting in higher top speeds on the track and better MPG on the highway.


  • Precise Turn-in Response, Improved Handling and Enhanced Cornering Grip –in any Performance Driving Situation
  • Stop Quicker, Corner Faster and get better MPG* Million-Mile Warranty
  • The Same as PRO-PLUS –Just More Aggressive
  • SPORTLINE + ANTI-ROLL-KIT = SPORT-PLUS Performance Handling Package.
  • Extreme-Performance Springs and Sway Bars = Race-Car Like Handling for the Extreme Enthusiast
  • Similar to the Eibach PRO-PLUS Performance Handling Package, the SPORT-PLUS, with our SPORTLINE spring kit, sits lower and will deliver the precise turn-in response, improved handling and intense cornering grip every serious enthusiast craves.


  • Front Lowering (Coupe): 1.2in
  • Rear Lowering (Coupe): 1.3in
  • Front Lowering (Sedan): 1.0in
  • Rear Lowering (Sedan): 1.3in
  • Front Lowering (Hatch): 1.4in
  • Rear Lowering (Hatch): 1.2in

* Does Not Fit Si or Type-R

* Front Sway Bar is Tubular and Non-Adjustable/ Rear Sway Bar is Solid and 2 Way-Adjustable