EBC Brakes Bluestuff Brake Pads, Front 2017+ Honda Civic Type R

SKU : DP51210NDX


EBC Bluestuff 5000 Series NDX brake pads are made with a high-friction sport and race material that can be used for aggressive street and certain track applications. These replacement pads feature great bite when cold, a progressive brake feel, and the ability to bring a car to a complete stop. Deep V-grooves assist in venting—and catching the dirt, dust, and debris that are inevitable in track use. The EBC chemical interlayer system which is used on Bluestuff NDX range pads is a harder material designed for heavy-duty race applications requiring the extra security of bond strength. The effect of the interlayer is to triple the shear strength of common organic brake pads over non-interlayer versions. These pads bed in quickly and easily, wear evenly, and are less harsh on rotors than other race pads.