DBA Street Series T2 Slotted Rotors (Front) 2017+ Honda Civic Type R

SKU : DBA3700S


DBA's Street Series rotors can be further enhanced with optional slots known as T2 - 32 CNC machined bi-directional curved slots. Machined slots in the friction surface allow a channel for braking by-products - brake dust and gasses from the incredible heat - to escape. This has a multitude of benefits, from reducing pad contamination, controlling heat build-up, and brake pad knock back. These combine to enhance braking performance and increase service life of the pads and rotors. Compared to more common straight slots, the unique curved slot design reduces the noise associated with 'racing' brakes, and minimises any detriment to pad surface condition.

All of DBA's brake rotors come from a unique starting point - DBA's own developed high carbon cast iron alloy known as XG-150. This proprietary compound was chosen for high strength and excellent thermal stability. This means the rotors naturally possess excellent resistance to warping from excess heat. The base material is taken to the next level with more DBA innovation - the Kangaroo Paw ventilation system maximises the passive cooling ability of a network of machined passages, whilst retaining maximum material to maintain physical rigidity and heat capacity of the rotor. This is finished with machining by Cubic Boron Nitride equipped tooling to produce a surface finish within exact tolerances, resulting in a rotor with minimal variation in thickness and the ability to withstand repeated punishment on the street.