DBA Street Series Rotors (Rear) 2017+ Honda Civic Type R

SKU : DBA3701E


DBA’s Street Series direct replacement rotors are ideal for drivers seeking OE level braking or entry level performance braking. As one of the most safety critical components in any vehicle, DBA manufactures above OEM standards as our minimum requirement.

DBA’s Street Series improves on traditional OE rotors with DBA’s patented Kangaroo Paw ventilation* for improved heat reduction and EnShield Protection* for rust free rotors, available with either an OE style CBN machine finish, X Gold cross drilled (X)* or DBA’s patented T2 bi-directional (S) slot design.

DBA’s EnShield technology has been introduced to the Street Series range to provide rust free rotors. The EnShield process begins with a DBA Street Series Direct Replacement rotor, where a zinc/aluminium water-based coating is applied to the entire rotor surface and is then baked on. The result protects the rotor from corrosion and keeps it looking good during its service life.

EnShield alleviates the need to clean rotors prior to installation, saving fitment time and preventing rust!

DBA recommends the street series for daily drivers, light commercial and street SUV applications.