DBA SP500 Street Performance Brake Pads (Front) 2017+ Honda Civic Type R

SKU : DB1678SP


These are the DBA SP500 Street Performance Brake Pads that are intended for the driver who wants a brake pad designed to improve braking performance over factory-style brake pads but without the inherent harshness of trackpads. These particular brake pads have been crafted with copper-free ceramic materials that don't produce a whole lot of dust to be an exceptional direct brake pad replacement. This brake pad can operate at temperatures in excess of 500°C while maintaining great stopping power.


  • Front location
  • Copper-free ceramic construction
  • Low dust
  • Reduced NVH
  • Fast brake bedding due to scorched finish
  • Consistent pedal feel
  • Ideal for those who want more performance when compared to OEM pads without the harshness of full-blown track-pads
  • Great for daily driving with enough heat capacity for weekend autocross events or spirited canyon driving