HKS Oil Cooler Kit 2017+ Honda Civic Type R

SKU : 15004-AH004


HKS is currently developing new and diverse Honda Civic products for markets all over the world. Since the Type R was released in 2017 HKS has been at the forefront of aftermarket parts development for that application.

The K20C engine is equipped with a water-cooled oil cooler to stabilize the extreme high engine output using the engine's coolant. However, under circuit driving, the temperature of both oil and water rise sharply because of inadequate heat dissipation, and fail safe mode becomes activated.

Adding the HKS air cooling type oil cooler kit provides high heat exchange efficiency that greatly surpasses the stock capabilities. You will see lower engine temperatures all around, not only of the oil but also the water. This HKS oil cooler kit was designed to ensure your track days are not cut short.


  • Compatible with stock fog lights
  • Core is 48mm wide and 9-layer
  • PT1/8 sensor installation hole in the filter mount
  • Includes a special aluminum air guide
  • Modification is required to the inner fender, brake duct, and front bumper

NOTE: Vehicle modification required to install this kit is minimized. (Modification of back of the bumper, inner fender, and brake duct are only required.)