Buddy Club

Buddy Club Racing Spec Brake Kit 2016+ Honda Civic



Buddy Club Racing Spec Brake Kit

Buddy Club is a well know brand producing high quality mid-range products for the Honda tuning world. But only recently have they attacked the big-brake market. This Racing Spec brake kit conveys all the proprietary design features and quality we have come to expect from them.

Unlike many other brands where the product seems like a re-labeled something-else made in different colors, Buddy Club's Racing Spec brake kit features high end finishes and design details that let you know that they've put the energy into creating a great product.


The supplied 1-piece rotors feature a unique curved inner-vane design to efficiently pump air throughout for maximum cooling, while their distinctive slot design keeps the rotors free of pad-dust build-up. The rotors come in various sizes depending on the application.


Available in either a Red or "Imola Orange" powdercoat finish, the brake calipers feature a 4-pistons bored into a solid, one-piece body. Unlike some other mono-block calipers, the bridge above he pads is an integral part of the body. Calipers come loaded with Racing Spec pads, designed for mixed street and track use.


The Racing Spec brake kit comes with CNC machined brackets for a perfect, rigid caliper mounting. Also provided are front brake lines outfitted with very nice fittings and hardware touches.

NOTE: 4-pot 1-piece caliper / 330mm rotor